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Befaco AC/DC

AC/DC is a class-compliant DC coupled audio interface in Eurorack format. With its 6 HP it is perfect for live performance and travel Rigs.

345,00 CHF

Befaco Case 7U

Equipped with our latest and most sophisticated power supply (Trolley Bus), the Befaco 7U Case supplies up to 5000mA of power. Ready to feed the most modern and power-hungry modules.

649,00 CHF

Befaco ChikiPower

ChikiPower is a USB-C standalone Eurorack Power Supply designed to complement any DIY bench. ChikiPower can provide up to 400mA per rail with a 20W USB charger, making it perfect for driving small setups. Besides its tiny desktop format, Chikipower is a super reliable power supply offering over-voltage and short-circuit protection keeping your devices safe.

85,00 CHF