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Befaco Morphader

Morphader is a performative tool designed to make multichannel CV/Audio crossfade easy and comfortable. Fading from one quad CV/audio scene to another. The core of the module has four CV controlled crossfaders, each with their individual control and a master fader to control them all. The module mixes the four crossfades at its fourth output, thanks to a clever normalization scheme. Each of them can be easily removed from the mix by plugging a cable at its own output.

245,00 CHF

Intellijel Mixup

Stereo audio is becoming more popular in the rack as more effects make it over to eurorack. Mixup makes is easy to combine your mono and stereo sources into a single stereo mix. You have mute and level control over the first three channels and, using a rear connector, you can chain multiple Mixups together into a hidden 5th stereo channel without using up channels on the front panel.

105,00 CHF

Joranalogue Mix 3

Mix 3 liefert ein überaus sauberes, natürliches Klangbild mit exzellenter Übersteuerungsfestigkeit. Das Modul verfügt über insgesamt vier Eingangskanäle.

170,00 CHF