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Befaco Morphader

Morphader is a performative tool designed to make multichannel CV/Audio crossfade easy and comfortable. Fading from one quad CV/audio scene to another. The core of the module has four CV controlled crossfaders, each with their individual control and a master fader to control them all. The module mixes the four crossfades at its fourth output, thanks to a clever normalization scheme. Each of them can be easily removed from the mix by plugging a cable at its own output.

245,00 CHF

Bela Gliss

Gliss is a 4 HP Eurorack module using a recordable touch sensor to introduce gestural control into modular systems. 

145,00 CHF

Doepfer A-115 Audio Divider

Das Modul A-115 ist ein vierstufiger Frequenzteiler (engl. frequency divider). Die Frequenz eines Signals am Eingang wird halbiert (halbe Frequenz = 1. Suboktave), geviertelt (1/4 Frequenz = 2. Suboktave), usw.. Auf diese Weise erzeugt der DIVIDER vier Suboktaven (F/2 bis F/16).

75,00 CHF