Allen & Heath Xone 96

    Allen & Heath Xone 96

    Xone:96. The long-awaited follow-up to a genuine club classic.

    A new, uncompromising analogue DJ mixer, destined to be the heart of your creativity, Xone:96 takes the legendary soul of the acclaimed Xone:92 and redelivers it, enhanced, and with state-of-the-art digital connectivity.

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    Xone:96. The long-awaited follow-up to a genuine club classic.

    A new, uncompromising analogue DJ mixer, destined to be the heart of your creativity, Xone:96 takes the legendary soul of the acclaimed Xone:92 and redelivers it, enhanced, and with state-of-the-art digital connectivity.

    It’s all here. The huge, detailed, space-shaking analogue sound that only Xone delivers. A refined, precision 4-band EQ. Unrivalled dual Xone:VCF filters with CRUNCH harmonic distortion. And a dual 32-bit USB soundcard (24 Channels @ 96kHz) with Traktor Scratch certification right out of the box.

    Xone:96 lets you connect your whole rig, from laptops and turntables, to pedals, synths and drum machines.

    Two dedicated FX sends, four stereo input channels (with 4-Band EQ), two stereo input channels with all new 3-Band Parametric EQ + two auxiliary stereo return channels. And a separate master insert for your outboard hardware.

    Explore new possibilities with a familiar layout of beautifully tactile controls. And rely on the industrial build quality that exceeds the demands of relentless back-to-back performances, night after night.

    Xone96: You mixed. We listened.

    Xone:96 draws on our rich heritage to create our most advanced analogue mixer yet, engineered from the ground up to deliver the legendary Xone analogue sound in the most flexible, powerful format.

    Xone:92 users will feel instantly at home with the Xone:96’s layout. All four main stereo input channels feature the latest incarnation of our industry standard Xone 4-band EQ, the choice of countless international DJ artists.

    Stereo Return channels A and B are fully-featured, and incorporate an all-new 3-band parametric EQ design, giving you even more control over how you style your sound.

    Unlock a world of creative possibilities. Xone:96 features two independent USB connections, each with 6 stereo inputs and outputs giving you a myriad of routing options.

    State-of-the-art 96kHz/32-bit processing ensures the highest audio quality is passed between your laptops and the analogue engine.

    Additionally the Xone:96 soundcard supports DVS control of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 DJ software right out of the box.

    Nothing comes close to the sound and power of the Xone VCF filter. In Xone:96 we’ve refined this classic design, preserving its unmistakable sonic signature while taking its performance to the next level.

    Alongside the classic HPF, BPF, LPF, resonance control and frequency sweep layout, there’s CRUNCH, a controlled harmonic distortion that sits pre-filter in the circuit to give you a powerful new effect.

    Xone:96 lets you route all six main channels to either filter.

    Underlining the professional club credentials of Xone:96 features two independent headphone CUE systems. Combined with the dual soundcard, these allow for back-to-back performances and smooth set transitions.

    Dedicated booth outputs with 3-band booth EQ let you tune the monitor system perfectly.

    And artists using complex, hybrid, multi-channel software will benefit from the simplicity of using a single USB to connect their computer to Xone:96.

    Xone:96’s rear panel is fully-loaded with I/O.

    Alongside all the analogue connections you’d expect to find, DJs will welcome the addition of 2 stereo sends, 4 stereo returns and a dedicated master insert.

    Send 1 is switchable from Line to Hi-Z level, making it ideal for incorporating instrument level effects, like classic guitar pedals.

    X-Link allows you to hook up Xone:K series controllers to the Xone:96 for hands-on control over your software, saving USB ports on your laptop.

    MIDI I/O is catered for via the 5-pin connection on the rear panel, and via both USBs.

    Built to last, Xone:96 features custom-designed 60mm linear VCA channel faders. Perfectly balanced, they offer smooth performance and precise control.

    In the crossfader position, Xone:96 comes equipped with the industry-favourite Innofader Mini, complete with fader cut adjustment for our sharpest cut ever.


    • Type Analogue
    • Channels 6 + 2
    • EQ
    • Channel 1-4, 4-Band EQ
    • Channel A-B, 3-Band Parametric EQ
    • USB Soundcards Dual 24 Channel (12 in / 12 out)
    • Hi-Speed USB2.0 / Mac Class Compliant
    • 32bit / 96kHz
    • MIDI over USB
    • Line Inputs 4 x RCA (CH 1-4)
    • 4 x 1/4″ TRS (CH A-D) Mono/Stereo
    • Phono Inputs 4 x RCA (CH 1-4)
    • LN/PH Switch for DVS
    • USB Inputs 6 x USB (CH 1-4 + CH A – CH B)
    • Mic Input 2 x XLR
    • Master Output 1 x XLR (Balanced)
    • Master 2 Output 1 x 1/4″ TRS (Balanced)
    • Booth Output 1 x 1/4″ TRS (Balanced)
    • Record Output 1 x RCA (Un-balanced)
    • Master Insert 1 x 1/4″ TRS
    • MIDI Out 1 x 5-Pin DIN
    • Send/Return I/O
    • 2 x 1/4″ TRS Send
    • 4 x 1/4″ TRS Return
    • 1 x LN/Hi-Z Switch (SND1/RTNA)
    • Filter
    • 2 x VCF Filter
    • HPF / BPF / LPF
    • Adjustable Frequency & Resonance
    • Assignable CH 1-4 + CH A-B
    • CRUNCH (Controlled Harmonic Signal Distortion)
    • X-Link 1 x RJ45
    • Headphones
    • 2 x 1/4″
    • 2 x 3.5mm
    • Split Cue Monitoring
    • Channel Faders 60mm VCA / Replaceable
    • Chanel Meters 9 Segment LED
    • Channel Fader Curve 3 Types
    • X-Fader InnoFADER / 45mm VCA / Replaceable
    • X-Fader Curve 3 Types
    • Earth Ground Terminals x 2
    • Headroom 20dB
    • AC Mains
    • 100 to 240V
    • AC 50/60Hz
    • Consumption 45W max
    • Mains Adaptor 3 pin IEC socket
    • Height 109mm / 4.3″
    • Width 336mm / 13.25″
    • Depth 410mm / 16.2″
    • Weight 7kg / 15.4 lbs.

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