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Joranalogue Contour 1

For decades, the voltage controlled slew limiter has been a staple of modular synthesisers. With its extreme versatility, it can be used to slew control voltages (CVs), create envelopes, as a low-frequency or audio oscillator and much more.

Today, Contour 1 brings a fresh approach to this classic circuit. It delivers much improved performance and control by incorporating modern design techniques.

195,00 CHF

Joranalogue Filter 8

Filter 8 ist eine voll spannungssteuerbare OTA-Multimode-Schaltung, die man auch als Acht-Phasen-Sinusoszillator, VC-LFO oder Percussion-Stimme verwenden kann.

315,00 CHF

Joranalogue Fold 6

Often considered to be the opposite of filters within a modular system, wavefolders are designed to fold a signal over itself multiple times. This generates additional harmonics, resulting in rich timbres.

159,00 CHF

Joranalogue Mix 3

Mix 3 liefert ein überaus sauberes, natürliches Klangbild mit exzellenter Übersteuerungsfestigkeit. Das Modul verfügt über insgesamt vier Eingangskanäle.

170,00 CHF

Joranalogue Morph 4

Modulation is the core concept of modular synthesis: parameters changing over time, adding movement and musical interest to what would otherwise be merely static sounds. Being able to control the amplitude of signals throughout a patch is therefore essential, and one can never have too many voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs).

Designed as a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synthesisers, Morph 4 takes the basic concept of the multi-VCA module to the next level.

345,00 CHF

Joranalogue Select 2

Select 2 lässt sich als Festspannungsquelle, Schalt-, Mute- oder Haltestufe, Invertierungswerkzeug, Abschwächer, Offset-Generator, Mixer und zur Addierung beziehungsweise Subtraktion von Signalen einsetzen.

170,00 CHF